Outdoor Cool NANO 6S Let turn the air conditioner on and Floating in the water to become a reality!
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Hot weather, there must be a cool coup

such as

floating on water


turn the air conditioner on and Floating in the water


Don't believe it?

Look at the picture below




Built on the water house, white color and bright, let you have a cool feeling. With the collocation of wood materials, let floating on the water this behavior is very close to nature and art.




The building Floating on the water.

Let your have enough floating addiction

Still able to eat watermelon with an air conditioner

And be able to

Enjoy the sunshine and the sea

as well as

Enjoy air conditioning ice cream

Two modes of random switching




To be so contented to stand in the sea

Construction materials, of course, have excellent characteristics

The materials chosen by the architecture are not only large, but also static and artful in design,

The application area of water soluble is extremely demanding for zero permeability and fouling resistance,

In the face of highly lethal salt water vapor

Corrosion resistance has become one of the essential skills of materials




In addition, the platform of each side and the scraping of the ship scraping, grinding, shock requirement, the Materials that can be perfectly applied to such environments,must have exceptional physical properties


NANO 6S has excellent quality

Can definitely meet the most demanding requirements

Super specification

High concentration acid base

Zero water absorption

High temperature resistance

Mohs hardness class 7

Pollution resistant

Super abrasion resistance





NANO 6S Let turn the air conditioner on and Floating in the water to become a reality!


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