"Case NANO 6S", beauty and strength coexist, this is the best of us!
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The beauty of architecture has always been intoxicating

It can be graceful, tough and classical

Modern, refined, rugged




To achieve the desired results

The designer ends is important

Products with outstanding performance are also needed

Put it into practice.


The following will see is a creative project case, stand head and shoulders above others in the bustling city is very eye-catching.

External use of Jinfeng jade NANO 6S

Clean, natural, pure white, like a gentle gentleman

And from the unique design marks the gentleman calm outside the enthusiasm, modern rises.

It is refreshing to design the upright column structure with a single tree!




With a creative concept and humanistic architectural design, the project won the Luban prize for representing the highest quality project in the domestic construction industry.

As a partner in this project, the superior quality of NANO 6S has also been unanimously recognized by professionals in the field. It has proved that we have not only the value of Yan, but also the strength!


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