【Business philosophy】: 

Committed to creating a unique cultural characteristics, with first-class brand service capabilities of the century! 

【Business purposes】: 

Through innovative products, excellent quality, first-class service for customers to create the best value 

【Management policy】: 

Safety, environmental protection, quality, innovation and service 

【Management slogan】: 

Do not hide the problem, the problem is as valuable as diamonds, customer satisfaction is the key to our success 

【Service slogan】: 

There are places where the sun shines, there Jinfeng jade for you to send the service, the truth everywhere 

【corporate vision】: 

Century enterprise, century brand 


Create value for customers, for employees to create benefits for the community to create efficiency 

【Talent view】: 

Stresses the integrity of the responsibility to carry the spirit of good communication as a good job 

【Team concept】: 

Play the strengths of each person, let people short, build excellent team.