Founded in 2006, Jiangxi Jinfeng Jade Co., Ltd. is a world-class manufacturer and brand of microcrystalline materials. The marketing center is located in the world "porcelain" cultural center Millennium Taodu China Foshan, is a design, research and development, production , Brand management system in one of the large modern high-tech enterprises, is committed to the global high-end customers to provide quality products.

  Excellent product quality, forward-looking strategic guidelines, just a few years, Jinfeng jade in the country already has a number of marketing outlets, covering more than 100 prefecture-level cities in the international community with a number of countries to establish a friendly, long-term trade Relationship; to achieve a comprehensive modern information management, the establishment of advanced modern logistics management system; and so on achievements, are Jinfeng Yu forward-looking strategy embodied in the same time, "achievements" also laid a solid management foundation Jin Fengyu, a business continuity , The rapid development of the power of the source.

  Jinfeng Yu in Jiangxi, Guangdong has a production base. Guangdong production base covers an area of ​​more than 500,000 square meters, with international cutting-edge technology and production equipment, will be the world's largest new production base of microcrystalline materials. The future, here will build dozens of the world's leading level of modern production lines, whether it is production or technological innovation, are far ahead of the same industry at home and abroad.

  Jinfeng jade will continue to innovate, to create the world's largest production base of microcrystalline materials, in the "century business, a century brand" goal to build internationally renowned national brand, for the Chinese microcrystalline industry to make new contributions.